Jar of Self Esteem

Hello! This is my first post on my first ever blog and I must say, I am excited.

As you can gather from the name of my blog, I love giving gifts! Period!  In fact, I must add (at the risk of sounding immodest) I think I must be one of the few people who likes giving gifts more than receiving them.  Thinking of unique gifts for the special people in my life gets my adrenalin running. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog – to share my ideas and thoughts on gifting.

My most recent gift has been a ‘Jar of Self Esteem’ to a dear friend. My friend is going through a rough period in her life and I wanted her to know that I would always be there for her and to help her get through this difficult phase. I created a special jar labelled ‘XXX’s Jar of Self Esteem’. The glass jar was filled with scrolls of paper on which I had written out several thoughts – some philosophical, some funny and some related to special relationship that we share. I gave her the jar with the note that said ‘Prescription: Use as necessary. Apply when in doubt or lonely’. My friend absolutely loved it and I knew that in a small way, I was helping her. This gift idea, however, is not mine to claim. I was inspired from a story I read it in the book ‘Cup of Comfort for Friends’ by Colleen Sell that shares real-life stories of love and friendship.

Over time, I will be uploading gift ideas categorised under different sections. While you will find several items that are gifted regularly, I hope to share ideas on matching the right gift with the right person for the right occassion.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. Drop a line to tell me what you think of this blog and if you have any great gift ideas that you would like to share.

Happy Gifting!


3 thoughts on “Jar of Self Esteem

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  3. Awesome !!! I am really thrilled to see you starting an exciting journey in the world of blogging.
    Looking forward to reading many more posts from you 🙂

    Btw, where is my gift???? : p

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