LOVE. The best gift ever.

If someone asked me, what’s the best gift ever? My instant reply to that would be…LOVE! There’s absolutely nothing else that can beat love when it comes to making a person feel special and cherished. To live without love is not know life at all.

In our fast paced lives, often, we don’t make too many efforts to show our love to the people that matter to us…especially our family.  “We love our family. What’s to show?” you may ask. Therein lies the problem. We take our family for granted…they are always there for us, aren’t they? Ask an orphan what he/she would want most in the world, and the reply you will get is ‘A family. A mom who will hug  and kiss me and pamper me silly, a dad who will buy me toys, teach me to ride a bicycle, take me on picnics, and siblings to play and share secrets with’.   

It’s when we no longer have our family with us that we begin to truly value them. I say, come on. Go out there and show your family how much you love them. There are several things you could do. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is: Plant a kiss on your mom’s cheek, hug your dad, tell your sibling how glad you are to have them, plan a surprise party for your parent’s wedding anniversary, take your family on a holiday.

 And for those families where public displays of affection are embarrassing (for all parties involved!), or those that don’t believe in an extravagant lifestyle, you can still show them that you love and cherish them in the most discreet way. Help out with household chores,  give your mom a day off from cooking and cook yourself, shower them with small, unexpected gifts – like a new saree for your mom, a new watch for your dad, a movie and dinner for your brother and sister.   

 But the most important of them all: treat them with respect.

 So, go on. Show your family how much you love them, and thank God for all the love in your life.

As I always say, better late than never.


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