It doesn’t have to be diamonds

A pair of elegant silver earrings in the shape of a flower

A carved wooden jewellery box

Women love jewellery, let’s admit that. It can range from the simple and elegant to the ostentatious and over-the-top, but the fact is that there are very few women who wouldn’t be happy to be gifted jewellery.  Even the simplest Indian woman in rural India wears an amazing amount of jewellery at any given point in time…especially if she happens to be married. From the mandatory mangalsutra (wedding chain), wedding ring and earrings to the silver payal (anklet) and the gemstone studded nath (nose ring), the more the merrier!

I have two pieces of jewellery that are special to me: one is a pair of simple silver earrings, while the other is a beautiful bead and pearl necklace with matching earrings. The silver earrings were the first gift from my husband when we were courting. Coming from a guy who is (self admittedly) not good at giving surprises or choosing gifts by himself, the earrings were a very sweet and thoughtful gesture. The necklace was handmade by my friend for me. As a child, I also had a gold pendant in the form of the leaf that had Baby Krishna on it. My grandmother had got that for me when I was a baby and I cherished it.

If chosen with care, jewellery can be an exciting gift option.

A tip for those of you who are unsure of the kind of jewellery to choose: Women don’t always need diamonds to feel special. The secret is to look for the unusual. Here are a few things that are different from the rest.

Silver eaarings in the shape of a flower – elegant and pretty

A pair of jhumkas – can transform even the simplest outfit.

Anklets – perfect for those slender feet

Toe rings – Really different, but not everybody’s cup of tea

Bracelets – looks charming on all hands

And to complete the picture, a beautiful jewellery box!


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