Hey Santa, no gifts for me this Christmas!



Thank you Santa!

It’s that time of the year again. There’s a nip in the air, glittering Christmas trees everywhere, a sense of gaiety & cheer and of course the ever exciting Christmas gifts. But, in this post I’m not going to give you any gift ideas. So, if you’re looking for advice on the perfect Christmas gift, stop reading right now.

Even though we never celebrated Christmas at home (being Hindus), as a child, Christmas always excited me. I truly believed that Santa Claus would get me gifts and once even put up a pair of socks [since I didn’t have any stockings:-)] for Santa to put the gifts in. It goes without saying that I was pretty disappointed when I woke up the next morning and found the sock as empty as ever:-(

The innocence of childhood has been replaced with the pragmatism of an adult (sigh). I still enjoy the good cheer that Christmas brings, but the tables have turned – instead of expecting gifts from Santa, I enjoy being a Santa to my family and friends.

So while I play the role of Santa all year round, I’m going to relieve a little bit of Santa’s burden by telling him, “Hey Santa, no gifts for me this Christmas!”

I may not have everything I want (does anybody?), but I have the things that matter, the things that make life a joy. So thank you Santa for:

  •  A wonderful husband: who is funny and caring and sweet ….and is also my buddy, philosopher and guide.
  • A darling daughter: the cutest little child who gives life a new meaning.
  • Parents and in-laws: for being simple, uncomplicated folks, for loving us as they do and for their silent support always.
  • My family of sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews, uncles, aunts, cousins and grandma: who shower us with their love and blessings. 
  • My Friends: who can make me laugh any time, who I can be crazy and silly with and who make life less serious.

So, if there’s anyone out there who’s sulking because you didn’t get the Christmas gift you wanted, cheer up! Do you have: friends who think you’re great and family that loves you?  Just list down all the good things in your life and if you can put a tick mark (√) against even 1 of them you’ll realise life’s good!

 Happy Christmas. Have a good one.


4 thoughts on “Hey Santa, no gifts for me this Christmas!

  1. But what if Santa had intended to give you great neighbours, and electricity bill discount, and a cute wonderful obedient puppy? You would’ve missed out! Ho Ho Ho… Happy holidays! xxx

  2. If you just take care to know
    And thank them just so
    Life’s gifts of love , one, two and mo’
    You’ll always hear ho ho ho!

    Close your hands to hug all in reach and open your hands to throw love to all afar … Merry Christmas!

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