3 fun gift ideas

Fun gift idea

The 'new car fund' jar

Smile, grin, laugh…fun gifts for all occasions🙂

Imagine this. It’s your friend’s birthday. Your friend is a live wire – fun, witty, vivacious. You arrive at her house armed with a gift you have spent time, effort and money in choosing. She opens your gift, smiles politely and thanks you. You’re thinking, “That’s it! Didn’t she like the gift?”

Has this ever happened to you and you wondered what was wrong with the gift you chose? Maybe nothing. What was probably not right is the person you gave it to. Good gift + wrong recipient = disappointment.

So now you’re thinking, what is the right gift for her? The answer actually lies in the kind of person your friend is. Ask yourself these 2 questions: Does she have a funny bone/ a wacky sense of humour and is someone who appreciates a good laugh? If your answer is yes to either question, then like the character Chandler from the sitcom Friends, your friend can find something comic even in the most serious situation! This means she would appreciate a funny gift.

There are several gifts that can evoke laughter or bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Like all good gifts, a good amount of thought goes into choosing a funny or witty gift. What can make a gift fun is its connection to something specific about a person or a situation. When my husband and I were contemplating whether to buy a car or defer the purchase for while to keep expenses in check, I chanced upon a ceramic pot that said ‘New car fund’. Better still, it had a ‘couple seated in a car’ as the lid!  It was just apt as a wedding anniversary present and my husband was amused when he saw it.

Caricatures & miniatures

A more personalised fun gift is a caricature or a miniature model of the person. The pavement outside the Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai has several artists that can create caricatures from photographs in a jiffy! Similarly you can get miniatures or clone dolls as they are called at www.excitinglives.com. The doll is a 3D caricature figurine. All you need to do is share a photograph and choose from one of the many models and poses available.

T-shirts with funny slogans

T-shirts with funny slogans are all-time favourites and can instantly make a person smile.  I have this T-shirt that says ‘Work Victim’! You can choose from a number of witty lines like:

– Well behaved women seldom make history – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

– I pretend to work, they pretend to pay me

– Education victim


Who says toys are just for kids? There are a whole load of fun toys that grown-ups will love. Ever heard of the flying lanterns or the glow in the dark toilet roll. Check out www.iwantoneofthose.com for such fun toys and gadgets. As the website says, “the glow in the dark toilet roll allows you to see the toilet roll clearly at night without having to turn the light on. Suitable for anyone old enough to be using loo roll!”

Are there any fun gifts you’ve received or gifted? Write in…I’d love to hear of your fun gifting experiences.


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