What to gift a toddler

Ever since I wrote about gift ideas for men – the hardest to gift — in one of my earlier posts, I thought it would be interesting contrast to write about gift ideas for toddlers —  the easiest to gift. As a mother of a toddler, I get invited to a lot of birthday parties of other toddlers and I have some fail safe gift ideas I use all the time.

There is so much the little ones are interested in, so much they do on a daily basis and so many things they like that there is an amazing variety of gifts for them. It’s certainly no surprise that Santa carries such a heavy bag of Christmas goodies!

 So, here are gift ideas you can’t go wrong with.

Sweet lullabies: I love singing lullabies to my daughter. And when I run out of lullabies, I just put on a CD that has the instrumental version of lullabies like ‘be still baby’, ‘rock a bye baby on the tree top’ and ‘ten little fingers, ten little toes’. The music works on you steadily, soothing and relaxing you.  Lo and behold, the baby is sleeping blissfully. Sometimes the music has worked so well that mum and dad are asleep too:-)

Cosy and warm: Speaking of nap time, toddlers love to have their own pillow and a blanket. You can choose from pink heart shaped pillows to pillows that have cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Snow White on them. Match that with a soft, fluffy blanket and you will have a gift that any toddler would love.

Curious cats: Toddlers have this amazing curiosity to know everything in their lives. They have an insatiable appetite to learn new things each day. It could anything from a new word or a new action to the name of a flower or a person. What could be better than books to help them learn? Bookstores have a whole range of books on different topics – from numbers and alphabets to flowers, vegetables, colours and shapes.

Tell me a story: Most of us still remember the stories we heard as children. My grandmother, an enthralling story teller, told us stories of kings and queens, of gods and goddesses. Gift a story book or a story DVD – complete with dialogues and songs – and you will have made both child and parent happy. Look out for special ones with folk tales from your country that not just entertain but help carry on the good old traditions.

 Like I mentioned, it is easy to buy gifts for toddlers!


5 thoughts on “What to gift a toddler

    • Thank you for your feedback. Glad to know that you enjoyed reading it!

      I just checked your site and you have some really good personalised gifts. I would love to read your blog…do share the link.

  1. Good ideas! But CDs and DVDs to replace the mother’s voice? How long before those replace the mother? Or the father? Maybe you should gift with the clear suggestion that the CDs and DVDs are meant to help mom and dad do their homework and not replace them.

    • Hi,

      I completely agree!

      Would never suggest that any of these are replacements for the love and warmth of a parent. It’s always more fun for the child when the mother or father are with them when they watch the stories. After all, the child will have a thousand questions that only a parent can answer:-)

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