A piece of a place

Cushions with typical Mumbai phrases

A cute elephant motif passport holder

When some of my friends learnt that I would be moving from India to Denmark, they put together motley gifts. Ranging from cushion covers, bookmarks and badges with witty words to a clock representing a south Indian, they all had one thing in common…they represented something fun and unique about my home town and country. Another friend gave me colourful, passport holders that had motifs of things uniquely Indian.

They were meant to remind me of Mumbai and India and at the same time comfort me in a new place. It’s like taking a piece of a place you love with you when you move to another place. It could also just be a memory of a brief but beautiful time you spent…like a holiday. I call them my take away memories and I display them with pride in my new home in Copenhagen.

A Mumbai auto rickshaw

A Mumbai auto rickshaw

I recently created a gift that was a take away memory of Mumbai. A European colleague of my husband visited Mumbai for the first time and I hit upon this idea giving a painted auto rickshaw or tuk tuk as it is affectionately called in some places. An auto rickshaw is a cute looking 3 wheeled mode of public transport in Mumbai that can take you places quickly and without costing too much. I purchased a metal auto and customised it by writing Mumbai in three different languages…English, Hindi (the national language) and Marathi (the language of the state that Mumbai belongs to). Not only was it quirky, it was uniquely Mumbai…one of a kind!

Take away memories can be a meaningful and fun gifts. From fridge magnets, show pieces and mugs to t-shirts, key chains and bags, the possibilities of take away memory gifts you can create is endless. Just add in your personal touch and you can gift a piece of a place as I call it.


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