Feed that fetish

I have nine elephants and I miss them.An elephant in Kerala, India

No, I don’t own a zoo or work in an animal park. I have a fetish for collecting elephant figurines of different kinds and these nine belong to my precious collection (if I can call it that). They are made from different material like wood, glass, clay and stone.

For various reasons (“too bulky, will take up too much place”, “too heavy”, “what if it breaks?”) I decided not to carry them with me when I moved from Mumbai to Copenhagen. Now that I’m doing up my new home, I regret not having carried them. I feel as if something’s missing.

In my collection are some that I bought and some that were thoughtfully gifted to me by family and friends. This brings me to my main point — the connection between gifting and a fetish.

From my elephant collection

From my elephant collection

Everyone has a special interest, hobby or passion. When you’re wondering what to gift a person, it helps to know what their passion or fetish is.

My nephew has a fetish for collecting car models. Just nine years old and he already has a collection of over a hundred! One would think that with such a big collection, there isn’t any car out there that we can gift him. Yet someone in the family manages to find something new to add to his collection. My nephew welcomes each new car — small or big, common or unique –with much excitement and glee.

So, if know someone who is a collector of things, you know what to gift that person. The key is to look out for something that the person does not already have. It could be a special edition piece or something common but made in a different style or material. It can even be something that is related to the fetish.  In addition to innumerable car models and toys, my nephew has been a recipient of gifts like a bag in the shape of a car, books on cars and car movies…you get the drift.

Go ahead. Feed that fetish.


3 thoughts on “Feed that fetish

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  2. Am sure your elephants must be missing you, too! At least now you know what to to carry back when you are home next. By the way, is Copenhagen big on elephants? Perhaps you could put together your elephants (miniatures) from various parts of the world. Then display, share and sell (what you can bear to spare) through “Jolly Jumbo” website and an exclusive (we have no branches!) outlet that travels with you.

    • It is. I have seen sum nice big, colourful ones at unlikely places like the borger service office ( citizen service). Can’t take those home but I’m sure I will find something smaller that I can:-)

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