A gift for dad: This time it’s personal

Taking heed of the advice I generously dish out to others, I gave myself ample time to think up the perfect gift for my husband’s birthday this year. Much thinking later I still had no idea on what I was going to do.

Having ticked off the normal suspects like shirts and ties (has several!) ), I realised I needed help and decided to revisit one of my earlier posts — gift ideas for the hard to gift — in which I had shed some light on some gift ideas for the singular group of people who are hard to gift…men! As I read the post, I mentally crossed out the options. Books? Nah, I’ve given them before. Watches? No again. It wouldn’t be special enough as my husband has already has received watches as gifts from others.

A painted set of my daughter's hand and foot prints

A painted set of my daughter’s hand and foot prints

It was time to do some serious thinking. After putting my brain into the overdrive mode for several days on what could be the perfect gift, I decided to do things differently. This time the gift would be personal… this year I, no make that two of us, would make the gift. What could be more personal for a father than getting a gift made by his little girl?

I decided to make a painting with a set of four canvases I painted in bright, cheerful colours. My daughter, just two and half years old, pitched in with her hands and feet (literally) by turning out a perfect set of her hand and foot prints in just one go. That she had loads of fun playing with normally inaccessible colour goes without saying. Completing the painting was a message that read, “To dad, with love”.

So if you’re in a quandary about what to gift a man in your life, I would say maybe it’s time to get personal. From a collage of special photographs to a set of coasters with personal messages, a framed hand painted caricature or a beautifully designed family tree, the options can be endless. Give it a shot.


4 thoughts on “A gift for dad: This time it’s personal

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  2. Wow, your daughter has really grown, and that is because of the lovely and talented mamma. Congratulations for the lovely painting and thoughful gift to papa.

  3. Excellent gift! Your daughter must be hoping Dad’s birthday comes more often, if only to have a colorful time! By the way, congratulations to the Dad for the birthday, for a thoughtful wife and an obviously talented daughter (she did get it right the very first time, didn’t she?)!

    • Thanks! While I was apprehensive about how it would turn out and after how many tries, thanks to my daughter being in a happy and cooperative mood, we got it right the very first time. Now all she is waiting for is the birthday cake:-)

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