My top ten picks for mothers

This post is an attempt to help those looking for a special something to gift the mothers in their lives. Stop reading right now if you think this is another attempt to commercialise the thought behind Mother’s Day.  If you, like me, believe in celebrating all year round and not just specific days, don’t wait for Mother’s Day to even tell your mother how much you love and cherish her. Do it now!

1. Family tree: Check out this personalised family tree with some lovely phrases by Inviting Moments. Make your own family tree with motifs of leaves, birds or hearts.

2. Bird family necklace: Looking for something your mother can wear? I absolutely adore this elegant bird family necklace in sterling silver that I chanced upon in the Chiky store on Etsy. Top it up with a matching bracelet if you like.

3. M.O.M: The ‘Mom Operating Manual’ by Doreen Cronin and Laura Cornell is about the ‘most advanced human models on the planet’ and what makes them tick:-). Meant as a hilarious guide for kids and fathers, it will appeal to moms too.

4. Wooden post card: Instead of the standard greeting card that are dime a dozen, try this one. Given that I love all things Jumbo, I immediately fell in love with the one that had a mother and a baby elephant. But the one I’m suggesting here is a fun one from the Optometrist Series by Yvonne Leong.

5. Songs for my mother: This album by the artist Ronan Keating was recorded in memory of his late mother Marie Keating and also to celebrate Mother’s Day. The songs that Ronan chose are songs that he remembers his mother listening to throughout his childhood. You could create your very own album with songs that your mother loves.

6. Personalised cutting board: You know how mothers spend a lot of time in the kitchen dishing up delicious food for the family? Well, this one is for them. Created by Red Envelope, you can customise it with your mother’s name or the family name and choose from four design options of silverware, rolling-pin, pig or elk.

7. The Small Stuff Bag: This little bag by Jane Says Vintage can be used in so many ways and is environment friendly. Perfect for moms who are always doing so many small and big things to make our lives happy.

8. Sewing: Does your mother love sewing? Look no further than ‘The Sewing Book’ by Alison Smith. As the publisher puts it, “written by a passionate stitcher and teacher, with her own sewing school, eager to produce a one-stop sewing bible for her students, this book leaves no hem unturned”. Loaded with information on techniques, tools and patterns, it aims to answer every sewing question.

9. Engraved jewellery box: Personalization Mall, the creators of this wooden engraved jewellery box, allows you to choose from nine poems written for your mothers, grandmothers, godmothers or aunts. You can edit one of our poems, or even write your own.

10. Chicken Soup for the Indian Mother’s Soul: Being an Indian, I couldn’t resist adding this one to the list. This book pays tribute to the phenomenon of motherhood – the universal calling that requires the skills of a master mediator, mentor, cook and counsellor. For all Indians out there, this could be a thoughtful gift if your mother likes to read.


6 thoughts on “My top ten picks for mothers

  1. Hi Sarita, very thoughtful and unique gift ideas for Mother’s Day. I loved the Family Tree the most, and also the Bird Fly. Necklace, but the most wonderful gift that we can give our mother’s would be unconditional love like they gave us, and take care of them in their old age.

  2. Nice picks for mom’s. I am thinking of buying an embroidered purse for my mom, which she can carry to weddings and parties. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

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