Look…it’s a Tiger!

A cute tin storage jar from Tiger

A cute tin jar

Living in Denmark has been an interesting experience so far. There is much to see and do especially if you are in Copenhagen. And of course, there is the language. How should I put it? Aah tricky. My Danish language classes are sometimes fun, interesting most of the time and sometimes plain frustrating (if only they didn’t eat up half the letters while speaking!).

The most pleasant revelation, however, has been Scandinavian design – simple, clean and functional. So far, my best Danish find that has a Scandinavian touch is ‘Tiger’ – a store that sells knick knacks and more. Tiger is a Danish retail concept with stores across Europe. It offers a fun and eclectic mix of products like tea in tins, animal design hooks, candles, picture frames and colourful tin jars, luggage tags, spices, kitchen ware and even joke moustaches. And in this insanely expensive country, all this comes at surprisingly cheap prices!

My personal favourites are the cupcake and cookie tins and gift boxes. If you are on the lookout for some cool nice last-minute gifts, this is the place to go. This is one store I will be visiting often:-).

Fun products from Tiger

My cake and cookie tins. Now all I have to do is bake:-)

Gift boxes from Tiger

No wrapping paper needed when you have these gift boxes


4 thoughts on “Look…it’s a Tiger!

  1. We have a Tiger store on our local high street too and I love the place. You get some amazing knick knacks and toys there.

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