I have an audience

Illuminating blogger award

Being the author of a blog can generate mixed emotions. It is fulfilling to be able to write and share with the world your thoughts, ideas and feelings. You write for the love of it. Yet, deep down, you wonder, “is anyone out there in the WWW (other than your close circle of family and friends who you’ve coerced into following your blog of course) reading my blog?”

So, when I recently learned I was being nominated for the ‘Illuminating Blogger Award’ by Food Stories I was thrilled (thank you CJ). It meant two important things: there are people, who I don’t know personally, reading my blog and they liked what I wrote enough to nominate me for this award. What a pleasant revelation!

I’ve been asked to share one random thing about myself and nominate other interesting blogs I think are doing a wonderful job. So here goes:

Old temples and churches,

And red brick houses.


Hand written letters

And soft, ticklish feathers.


The smell of books

And cosy little nooks.


Hearing stories of faraway lands,

The feel of my daughter’s soft little hands…


…these are a few of my favourite things.

My top five blog picks are:

NieNie Dialogues : Stephanie, an airplane crash survivor, is an inspiration and writes about every day life. You can also read my post on her here.

Design Mom : Gabrielle writes on the intersection of motherhood between design.

Wrisources : Vijay writes (as he puts it for business and pleasure) on a range of topics. My favourite is his take on communications.

Pillows a-la-mode : A craft blog by a wonderful lady who is a teacher, mom and grand mom.

Homemade by Jill : A delicious looking blog on all things home-made.

You can read more about the Illuminating Blogger Awards here.


6 thoughts on “I have an audience

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved award, and thank you so much for the sweet shout out! To show my appreciation, I’ve place the lovely button you gave me on my sidebar with a big THANK YOU to you . . . plus, when readers click it, it links back to your amazing blog. Keep up the great work! Best, Katherine

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