Mummy’s jar

A little bit of pampering, a little bit of love

jar of goodies

Hands off everyone, this one is just for mummy!

I recently visited my friend Yana who gave birth to a baby boy two weeks ago. While I had gifted her a painted baby name sign (read all about that here) at her baby shower, I was keen to give something that was just for her.

From my own experience, I knew being a first time mother could be stressful and tiring, especially in the first month. During this period, everything tends to revolve around the baby and a good night’s sleep is a luxury!

So, I put together a mason jar of little things — chocolate candy, raisins, chewing gum, fruit flavoured chaptsick and tissues with a cute cow print on them. She can place it within arm’s reach and help herself to whatever she feels like or needs at any time of the day or night.


Fruit flavoured chapstick and a fun cow print tissue

I decorated the jar with a label and ribbons and added a tag that read:

Candy for the sweet moments with the baby.

Gum for those days when you don’t get time to even brush your teeth!

A tube of chapstick to soothe lips overworked from showering the baby with so many kisses:-)

And tissues to wipe your hands clean.

My friend loved it and thought it was very thougtful! The good part about this kind of gift is that it is versatile and not many can resist a goodie jar! You can fill it with any number of goodies …jams, pickles, cookies, anything that the recepient likes.


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