7 down: more than just the 7-year itch

Pet puja as we say in India

It happened. We got over the much talked about 7-year itch.

Was there a conscious effort to make it to the goal post? Were we worried that one of us would get itchy? Ha ha…fortunately, not a bit. So, why the big hullabaloo? Well seven is such a nice, complete number. It’s not too little and not too much; it’s just right. Perhaps that’s why a lot of married couples think the 7th year is a good time to evaluate their relationship. Though I hear that the period is getting shorter and shorter.

Getting back to us; since  my husband and I have been happily married for seven years, love each other for the past ten (now that’s a big number, a whole decade!) and are looking forward to being together for half a century more, we thought it called for a small celebration. We called over some friends to celebrate the occasion over some Indian food and drinks — samosas, aloo chole chaat, murku and mango lassi it was.

We received some gifts that were completely different from each other and yet perfect for the occasion. They definitely rate high on my list of good gifts. So here goes.

Pop the bubbly I say: What better to celebrate a happy occasion than with a bottle of champagne; make it a Moët & Chandon and it’s perfect. Thank you Irene!

It’s time to pop the bubbly!

Blossom away: I have never thought of gifting a plant. But when I received this little flower plant, I thought it was so apt. It instantly brightened up the room and, a plant and  marriage seem to have a lot in common. You need to nurture both to help it grow and blossom.  Thank you Astrid!

plants make good gifts

Blossom away

Brunch with bubbles: The third gift was a Smartbox coupon. We had the option of having brunch with wine at any of the 64 cafes and restaurants in Copenhagen.  A delicious meal later, my happy tummy said, “smart thinking!” Thank you Beenu!

brunch coupon makes a good gift for couples

Smartbox, smart thinking


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