Celebrating individuality

British Rose charm by Pandora

The British Rose charm from Pandora

This post is brought to you by Pandora, the maker of hand-finished and modern jewellery.

While I had heard of Pandora and its famed charm bracelets in the past, it was only recently I discovered that Pandora is a Danish brand. What began as a jewellery shop in Denmark has in a short span of time transformed into an international jewellery brand.

I’m all for celebrating individuality and that’s what I like about charm bracelets. The pendants or trinkets that adorn your charm bracelet are symbolic of the important things in your life or are unique to the individual in you. What I like about Pandora bracelets is that no two bracelets are alike. You can mix and match by choosing from any of the individual charms and bracelet bands to create one that is unique to you.

create your own charm bracelet

Make your own charm bracelet by mixing and matching

Pandora has recently partnered with The Soldier’s Charity, the British Army’s national charity, for a good deed. It has designed and created a special British Rose charm. The charm is beautifully handcrafted in sterling silver and red enamel detailing for the petals. You can pair it with a simple bracelet or combine it with some of the other beautiful charms.

15%* of the sales will be donated to The Soldiers’ Charity**. Pandora has also put up a special site to build awareness about the partnership and to drive sales of the British Rose charm. The site encourages consumers to share their personal stories of love, hope and bravery and to celebrate, honour or remember a soldier close to them. The three lead stories are written by charity ambassadors who were specially selected by the The Soldiers’ Charity.

One of them is Kate, the first female soldier to lose a limb in combat. In 2008, while in Afghanistan, the Warrior tank she was commanding drove over an improvised explosive device (IED). Her leg was severely shattered. She had the choice of keeping her leg, with the risk of not being able to walk properly again, or having it amputated and fitted with a prosthetic limb. When she discovered that with a prosthetic limb she would be able to learn to run, play tennis and ski again, she gave the go-ahead for the operation. Since 2010 she has been an ambassador for The Soldiers’ Charity.

Perhaps you fancy the idea of celebrating your individuality and doing your bit for charity as well?  Go on, take a look at the Pandora British Rose charm.

*15 per cent of the retail price, up to a limit of £100,000, is being donated to The Soldiers’ Charity.

**The Soldiers’ Charity provides lifetime financial support to serving and retired soldiers and their families when they need it. It currently raises £7 million a year to meet this need and aims to increase fundraising to £14 million a year by 2015.


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