A quick wrap up

A creative way to wrap a gift

Simple gift wrapping idea

This is going to be a small post. But I just had to share it, pleased as I am with my idea.

I was visiting a long-time acquaintance at her house for the first time.  She had invited my family for lunch. Since it was at short notice, I had time only to pick some chocolates for her, but not enough time to gift wrap it.

As I was wondering what to do, I spotted some pretty tissue paper in my shelf. I love tissue paper with designs on them and have a mini collection. Since they are so pretty, I rarely use them in the way tissue paper is meant to be used! But, I found another way to use them.

I chose one that had a colourful, floral motif on it. I then bunched up the chocolates in them and tied it with an orange ribbon. It was simple, quick and pretty:-)


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