Charm your way through Christmas gifting

Pandora's christmas collection

This post is brought to you by Pandora, the maker of hand-finished and modern jewellery.

Christmas gifting with Christmassy charm bracelets

Have you started thinking about Christmas gifts yet? Do you have visions of Christmas gifts gaily gift wrapped and stacked neatly under a tree? While Christmas gift shopping is a lot of fun, it can also be taxing if you have a lot of gifts to buy but not nearly enough ideas on what to buy. And there is always the danger that you may end up buying something the recipient already has!

You can eliminate that risk to a certain extent when you choose to gift jewellery. The good thing about gifting jewellery is that it can appeal to an age group ranging from five to seventy five. The trick, of course, is to choose the right kind.

Pandora’s Christmas collection of charms

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could include all the elements of Christmas in a piece of jewellery? That would make for a truly Christmassy Christmas gift! Pandora’s new Christmas collection of charms can help you do just that. This collection has fun and adorable charms in sterling silver and fourteen-carat gold.

stocking, christmas tree, santa in a sleigh and other cute charms from Pandora

Know someone who is down, feeling the blues and could do with some Christmas cheer?  Help such a person celebrate the festive period with a charm bracelet that has a little Christmas tree and a gift charm. It is the season to be jolly after all. Maybe you know a little girl who would fancy one with a Santa, a sleigh and a Christmas stocking filled with gifts? Or perhaps you have a girl friend who would enjoy the company of a gnome, and an angel? Of course, with winter on its way, nothing could be more appropriate than a snowman.

Whatever your preference, there is a lot to choose from. Not to mention the fun you will have putting together different charm bracelets that can be personalised and customised depending on the recipient. The best part about Pandora bracelets is that no two bracelets are alike. You can mix and match by choosing from any of the individual charms and bracelet bands to create one that is unique.

While Pandora has stores all over the world, to make your shopping experience easier, Pandora has introduced an online store called the Pandora eSTORE*. Designing your charm bracelets is a click away. All jewellery ordered through the eSTORE will be delivered in a complimentary Pandora gift bag, finished with a signature pink organza ribbon.

*The eSTORE currently ships only to the UK.


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