Of pets and pillows: gifts for children

It’s been a while since I wrote about gifts for children. These two gifts ideas came to me unexpectedly and I just had to share them.

Gifts for children: When a toy is more than a plaything

pets help children become responsible

I had heard and read it often enough, besides having experienced it myself. Pets are good, siblings are better. The experience of having either, teach children many good things. Boring perhaps, but good neverthless. Things like sharing, caring and responsibility.

Fair enough. Just one hitch. My three-year old doesn’t have a sibling and we, her parents, were not quite ready to have a pet in our home, just yet. So, I resigned myself to the uphill task of getting my daughter’s perfect little brain — preoccupied with rather important 3-year old activities like playing, dancing and drawing — grasp these intangible concepts.

Till Kittu made an entrance in our life. You see Kittu is no ordinary soft toy. For she can meow, purr and walk back and forth like a real kitten (did I mention the bonus of being potty trained?). To my daughter, partial as she is to the feline variety, that makes her a kitten whole and soul. To my surprise, having this kitten is helping my daughter be responsible. She takes her new role (sometimes friend, sometimes sibling but never just a owner) rather seriously and is determined to be a good role model to her kitten.

Who would have thought, a toy would do this. As a mother, I will take all the help I can get to be a good parent, from anyone or anything and that from now on includes toys! This is one gift I’m glad I got.

Gifts for children: To sweet dreams and good nights

gifts for children: baby pillow

My daughter and I were recently invited to the birthday party of a friend’s two-year old son. You know that feeling when you have a long list of possible gift options, but you reject all of them for different reasons? Well mine were too common, maybe he already has one, too complex and so on. What I could possibly get for him that wasn’t a toy but could be just as fun? So I revisited my earlier post what to gift a toddler and decided in a minute cosy and warm it would be.

We got him a soft and fluffy pillow with two cute dragons that looked like they could take care of anything that came their way. Most of our gifts have a message attached and this one said, “To sweet dreams and good nights. These two dragons will stand guard while you sleep and slay all monsters hiding under your bed”.


4 thoughts on “Of pets and pillows: gifts for children

  1. In university, my housemates and I had a plush can that looked disturbingly real. We called it “kitty go-go” as it was always “asleep” on the top of the couch.
    I wish you all the best in resisting the pleas for an animal! Especially if you end up moving internationally again, sometimes pets end up in quarantine forever! I’m glad to see your daughter loves it šŸ™‚

  2. Excellent gift, Sarita! I have a feeling some of us adults too can do with something soft yet breathing fire to guard and comfort us šŸ™‚ Also, very glad to read about Kittu’s effect on your daughter. But I wonder. How long before she discovers the stuffing inside and asks, very responsibly of course, for a flesh-and-blood replacement?

    • Thanks! If only they made pillows like this for adults. I see a huge market for this!

      As for pets, I’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Right now, I’m living in the moment and enjoying having Kittu with us:-)

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