A dåse of love

Christmas themed tin, a angel container and tree papaer clip

This Christmas is special. Not just because it is my first in Denmark. More so because I will be sharing it one of my best friends who is flying down from the United States to spend Christmas with me and my family. She is on the plane this very minute and my gift to her involves a dose of love among other things!

Good friends since childhood, living in different countries and continents hasn’t dimmed our friendship one bit. My friend has been going through a hard time and I wanted to give her a gift I hope will help her and convey that I’m always there for her. A variation of my Jar of Self Esteem, I call this one a Dåse of Love. Yes, you read that right, no spelling error here. A tin is called a dåse (pronounced dose) in Danish. A dåse of love…pun intended.

I found the perfect tin for this — covered as it is with images of Santa and his sack of gifts, cherubic children and Christmas trees. I filled this tin with my dose of love – paper scrolls filled with happy, funny and serious thoughts.

a Christmas themed cookie tin

A tin filled with paper scrolls

My favourites among them are:

gifting a happy thought

gifting happy thoughts

A dåse of love, a guardian angel and a Christmas memory

IMG_4446 (479x640) Gifts with the Christmas spirit

In keeping with the Christmas theme, giving the Dåse of Love company are a cute little guardian angel and a shiny Christmas tree. The angel doubles up as a tiny container to store earrings while the Christmas tree doubles up as a paper clip. I hope she likes them.

I’m looking forward to spend the next few days with her catching up and reminiscing about the good times we shared in India, in the process creating a new memory in the chapter of our lives.

Merry Christmas or Glædelig Jul!


3 thoughts on “A dåse of love

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  2. Sari, I can vouch that your friend feels like the luckiest person she knows because she has friends like you who love her unconditionally 😉
    Thank you ! This seriously is one of the best gifts I had received. It reminds me of our journey of friendship, its lasting endurance and cheers me up even though we are far away and may not see each other every day. I cherish all the memories I made this year with you and your wonderful family and look forward to making many more .

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