Women, gift yourself this

5 Women's Day gifts

It’s that time of the year again when women are honoured, recognised, awarded and feted. International Women’s Day is lurking around the corner, waiting to spring platitudes about your strength, forbearance and triumph over struggles.

That’s all well and good. But how having a little fun? How about making your life a little easier, your struggles a bit more surmountable?

This Women’s Day, give yourself the gift of:

1. Understanding: You are special, get that. You have 1 out of 365 days dedicated to you, a day when the whole world is celebrating you. Who else has that? Other than mothers, fathers, grandparents, pets, elephants, books, environment, nerds and meteors (let’s ignore them shall we?).

2. Quick retorts: Make a list of retorts you can use every time someone tries to blow on your parade. The retorts need to have one thing in common – they need to be witty, clever and yet somehow graceful. I’m sure you can manage that with a few hours of thinking hard and a few minutes on Google. Do this and you won’t curse yourself the next time you’re left dumbfounded by an uninvited, unanticipated mean comment and you take a whole hour to come up with a cool retort.

3. Laughter: Have you tried laughter shots? Every time you inadvertently make a fool of yourself, instead of cringing, try laughing till your tummy hurts. Trust me there will be many such occasions in your life. It’s not too hard; after all we do it when others make prize fools of themselves, don’t we? Think of all the laughter flooding your life.

4. Acceptance: Accept that there is a possibility (sure it’s remote) that you’re not going to be the perfect mother you envisioned. Why let that stop you from being a good one though? As a wise mother once blogged, “most women were better mothers before they had kids”. Memorise this for life and remember it every time you think you’re in danger of exploding at your children.

5. Dreams: So you’re a woman, you’re special. But, since when is special a synonym for fragile or weak? Wake up; take responsibility for your life and your dreams — no matter how small and silly, no matter how big and scary. If you can’t do it alone, ask for help. There is always at least one person in your universe who can and will help.

Be that tribe that someday in the near future won’t need a special Women’s Day. We can always gift it to sparrows or bats can’t we? I bet there are some species that needs it more than us.


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