In the mood for gift wrapping

I’m in the mood for some gift wrapping. Here are some of my current favourites — simple, doable, lovely. 

5 simple gift wrapping ideas

With Easter around the corner, this nest-of-yarn gift topper is perfect for wrapping up Easter goodies.

Easter themed gift wrap


Maybe I’ll let this little birdie do all the talking for me.

a cute birdie gift wrap


I’d never thought of using black for gift wrapping. But after seeing this, I’ve changed my mind. I love the simplicity of this one.

Black gift wrap with stars


Gift wrapping with fabric

I’m bored with paper. Maybe, I’ll try this colourful fabric gift bag.

colourful fabric gift bag


Jazz it up with a gift tag

Or better still, I’ll jazz up a brown paper gift wrap with this cute gift tag.

cute gift tags by Kelly Murray


Want some more amazing gift wrapping ideas? Follow my Wrap it Up board on Pinterest.


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