Twisted necklaces: a lovely handmade gift

twisted wool necklaces

I got to craft a lovely handmade necklace at yesterday’s Craftenhagen* event.  At my first event, I’d made some cute handmade cards (read about it here), so I was excited to see what we were going to attempt next. 

This time, the talented Marine Daloze of Copenhague DayToDay showed us how to make a simple but lovely necklace from wool. All it involved was lots of twisting and turning, a pin here and a knot there. Easy ha? Well, not at first. But definitely doable with a bit of practice.

This would be really nice gift for my girl friends. The best part is using the same technique, I can make bracelets too.

Check out more of Marine’s handmade jewellery at her Etsy shop, Psoesaie.

* Craftenhagen is a monthly get together of crafters in Copenhagen with each month featuring a different crafter sharing a new skill with the group. 


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