10 gifts for constant travellers

I’ve had a fair bit of travel this past year and that got me thinking about travel gifts. Here’s a list of 10 gifts for the constant traveller I put together and shared on Glad2bawoman recently.  

Crumple City Maps are a perfect gift for city travellers.

Gifts for the constant traveller

Travelling is not just about having fun in faraway, exotic places. Mention the word ‘travel’ and it conjures up the customary images of beautiful, exotic places. It’s accompanied by a flood of adjectives, from the pedestrian — exciting, fun and relaxing, to the not-so-banal — atmospheric, enchanting, and life-changing.

I’ve always wondered why people seldom think about practicalities like packing, weather appropriate clothes or forgetting to turn off the lights before leaving home. But since travelling isn’t just about having fun in exotic places, here is my list of 10 travel-unique gifts to make the constant traveller’s life a little less stressful, a bit more enjoyable.

10 travel-unique gifts

1.Backpack: Let’s start with the basics. Know any newbie traveller with a ‘travel to 130 countries’ bucket list? Get that person started by gifting a backpack. Its multiple compartments, cushioned straps, hassle-free movement on cobbled streets or stairs makes this a useful accessory for those eager to become backpackers.

Gift a backpack, help someone become a backpacker.

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2.Packing Cubes: So every traveller you know already has a backpack or a suitcase? Get them the next best thing. Packing cubes make a good gift for organised travellers who like to have everything neat and sorted into separate groups like clean clothes, chargers and cables, toiletries and dirty laundry.

packing cubes make packing easy and fun for travellers

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3.Funny luggage tags: Now that we’ve taken care of the luggage, it’s time for luggage tags. 9 out of 10 suitcases tend to be black, making your own nearly indistinguishable. Not much fun when you have to squint and take a close look at every black bag on the baggage carousel. Gift some fun, colourful luggage tags with quirky phrases and you’ll have made a constant traveller’s life easier.

fun luggage tags make it easy to spot your luggage

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4.The STORM Kettle: This contraption is perfect for those who like to camp outdoors while travelling. Also, just the thing you need if you’re miles away from civilisation and need your morning cup of tea or coffee to feel human. Use it with anything you have on hand — a sheet of newspaper, small twigs, cones or dry grass.

This kettle is a great gift for coffee loving travellers

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5.Crumple City Maps: For city travellers, get a map that’s meant to be crumpled and stuffed into bags or pockets! No worries about creasing or tearing made as they are from tough, water-resistant material. The Crumple City Map has information on streets, monuments, museums, art galleries and 10 soul sights.

Maps that can be stuffed into pockets

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6.Where to go when: This book is tailor-made for highly organised travellers who like to plan their travel well ahead. Where to go when has purely practical information about which place to visit at what time of the year. 30 places are listed for each month complete with activities to do, places to stay and local dos & don’ts.

Gift this book to the constant traveller

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7.The art of travel: Also a book, The Art of Travel by Alain De Botton is about the philosophy of travel. It explores the where, why and how of travelling and what makes the mundane appear exotic when in another country. A perfect way to spend time during airport layovers and long journeys.

Good gift for book loving travellers

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8.Carry-On Kit: Ask any business traveller what the most annoying thing about the one-day business trip is and pat comes the reply, “liquids in carry-on baggage”. Get a carry-on kit that meets airline rules with bottles and jars in different sizes for creams, lotions, sprays, perfumes and contact lenses.

a practical but useful gift for travellers

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9.Children’s backpack: Getting back to luggage, know a family travelling with kids? A common sight is children wanting to carry luggage that’s double their size even as the frantic parents try to make a mad dash to their plane or train. Here’s where the children’s backpack comes into play. Gift them a cute backpack they can carry and you’ve just made a child a happier traveller.

Gift a panda backpack to children

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10.Scratch map: This gift is meant for ‘been there, done that’ travellers. You can’t go wrong with a scratch map of the world. They can scratch off all the places they’ve visited which then gets displayed in different colours for each country. It makes for an interesting piece of home decor while giving the owners bragging rights to their travel stories.

scratch maps are fun gifts for the 'been there, done that' traveller

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What do you think? Do you have any favourites that are travel must haves?


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