Jumbo love: 10 elephant-themed gift ideas

I love elephants — real and otherwise. If you’ve read my earlier post — feed that fetish — you know what I’m talking about. My dream is to visit an elephant sanctuary with my family and touch an elephant cub up close!

For now, I’m happy drooling over these adorable elephants. 

10 elephant gift ideas

Here’s my collection of 10 elephant-themed gift ideas:

1. Carved elephant pendant (via)

Elephant gift ideas

2. Trunks full of taste: white elephant salt & pepper shaker (via)

Elephant-themed gifts

3. Elephant cub painting (via)

Elephant gifts

4. Elephant watering can (via)

Elephant gift ideas

5. Elephant poster (via)

10 elephant-themed gift ideas

6. Wooden elephant with inlay work (via)

10 elephant-themed gift ideas

7. Blue elephant clutch (via)

Elephant gift ideas

8. Crystal elephant (via)

 Wooden elephant with inlay work

9. Red elephant cushion (via)

elephant gifts

1o. Elephant tea pot (via)

10 elephant-themed gift ideas

What’s your favourite animal? Does your animal love get displayed in all shapes and forms?


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