Picks from Prague

Every time I travel to a new country, I pick up what I call ‘a piece of a place’. These could be little souvenirs and gifts for family and friends or a take-away memory of that place for my home.

 I was in the Czech Republic recently and sure enough I came across some lovely gifts and souvenirs. These are my local finds — my picks from Prague.

Prague shopping guide 

Picks from Prague: gift a piece of a place

Take away memory

I picked up this lovely painting of the beautiful Charles Bridge for my home. While several shops had the same kind, this one stood out due to the black &white contrast and the subtle use of colour by the artist. It’s going to be a wonderful reminder of our stay in Prague.

Take away memories can be fun gifts. From souvenirs to local specialities and crafts, the possibilities of take away memory gifts are endless. Just add in your personal touch and you can gift someone a piece of a place.

Gift picks from Prague


Czech home spa

I discovered this chain of stores called Manufaktura in Prague. They have an eclectic mix of Czech folk craft, traditional wooden toys and a range of cosmetics inspired by the science of baths and  natural Czech ingredients! I picked up this rose herbal soap. 

Gift picks from Prague

Enamel tin kitchen ware

I found  this adorable enamel tin cup with a cute dog design — perfect for my 3-year old daughter. You can find enamel tin kitchen ware in vibrant colours and animal designs in several shops in the old town area.

Gift picks from Prague


Beer face cream and shampoo

Czech beer is regarded as one of the best in the world. But who would’ve thought they’d put it good use in cosmetics. Apparently beer is not just a good conditioner, it’s also good for the skin.  Knowing that, how could I resist this beer cream? If it’s good for the skin,  can hair be far behind? So I added the beer shampoo to my basket too. 

Gift picks from Prague


Gift picks from Prague

Picks from Prague: Shopping tips

Here are a couple of tips for first-time visitors to Prague.

  • Bargain and then bargain some more. Also, make doubly sure to confirm the exact price of the item you’re purchasing.  Some of the stuff in the souvenir shops in the old town area is over priced and, any sign of confusion or ignorance on your part means you’re likely to be cheated. 
  • Visit several shops, compare prices and quality before you make your final purchase.

So that were my gift picks from Prague. Do you have any favourites?


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