I say a little prayer for you

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This is not the kind of post you normally read on I Love Gifting. But then, today is no normal day and this is no normal world we are living in.

This morning, the first piece of news I read was about a five-year old girl raped by her neighbour in Delhi, India’s capital city. As I write this, she’s fighting for life in a hospital because not only was she raped; a glass bottle and pieces of a candle were inserted into her private parts. The police initially refused to lodge a FIR, telling the family to be happy that the child was alive. 

Reading about it felt like being punched in the gut…repeatedly. Her innocence lost forever, is there any chance that she will celebrate the gift of life, the gift of being a woman? That is if she survives, if she gets the chance to grow up at all.

As I say a little prayer for this little girl — as many others are doing, perhaps the people in power (read the police, the judiciary) will be benevolent enough to give her the gift of justice. Because it is becoming increasingly apparent that in India and several other places, justice is not a given, it is a whim, a fancy — where these stories repeat themselves in an infinite loop, the horror never-ending.

I say a little prayer for you little one. 


3 thoughts on “I say a little prayer for you

  1. You are right. Normal is no longer normal. Gifted are those who are able to go through life without being assaulted by insensitive inhumanity. You pray that the little child is given the gift of justice. That is the least we can hope for. But after this experience can anything ever be a gift for her? Thanks for this sensitive post, straight from your heart. We need more of all three–sensitivity, voices raised against acts that violate humanity and heart.

    • You’re right. So many things need to happen before she begins to look at anything as a gift — survival, being showered with support, understanding, love and care. But most of all she needs to feel safe and secure…that such a thing will never happen to her again.

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