House warming gifts: saying it with words

Have you ever received house warming gifts that said something? I don’t mean figuratively.

I’m drawn to two things when I visit a person’s home — photographs and words. I love to gaze at photographs of the family — they allow me a peek into that person’s life and sometimes even their journey so far.

The words — in the form of quotes or phrases — do something better, they give me an insight into the nature of the person — what do they like? what are their beliefs and values? what makes them tick? They’re more than just a part of the décor; they’re there to inspire and remind  the people living in that home of the things that matter to them; sometimes they’re there just to make you smile.

That’s why I like posters and boards that with phrases and quotes. They are perfect house-warming gifts. The good part is I can tailor them to match the nature and personality of the people I’m giving them to. You can even paint one of your own. Here’s one I made for my home.

Here are some of my favourites from Pinterest.

House warming gift #1: I would give this to a writer

Housewarming gifts

House warming gift #2: For chai lovers

Tealover board

House warming gift #3: My favourite; it’s for introverts like me

For the introvert

House warming gift #4: For aspiring comedians or, just about anyone who likes to tell jokes à la Chandler in the sitcom Friends.

For comedians

House warming gift #5: For the fashionista

For fashionistas

House warming gift #6:For Pinterest fans. They’ll pin it too!

For Pinterest fanatics

House warming gift #7:For those who love to sew

For the sewers

House warming gift #8: For baking experts

For those who love to bake

House warming gift #9: For those blessed with a green thumb

For those with a green thumb

House warming gift #10: For photographers

Photography lover board



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