Saying thanks the Danish way

Saying thanks the Danish way

It’s a time of change; we’re changing apartments and my daughter is changing schools. Amidst the excitement that starting afresh brings, is the thought of how the little one will handle all the goodbyes and farewells to the teachers and friends at her Danish børnehave (kindergarten).

After we moved from India to Denmark last year, she has had a happy year making new friends and learning Danish at the kindergarten. She now speaks the language like a Dane or as one would say in Danish, “Hun taler dansk ligesom en dansker”.

I’ve been making some thank you cards for the teachers at the kindergarten. Danes really like it when you try to speak in Danish, so I decided to take it one step further and say thank you the Danish way.

I first cut out card paper in the size I wanted and put a piece of decorative tape with a vintage design on the outer side of the card.

Saying thank you the Danish way

I then wrote down the word ‘tak’ using an acrylic paint pen. ‘Tak‘ means ‘thank you’ in Danish.

Saying thank you in Danish

Inside, I wrote a personal note in Danish to the teacher (took me a while to get the Danish words right!)

Saying thank you the Danish way

To add a bit of colour in this otherwise black&white design, I put this decorative tape of birds to the envelope. Makes it more vibrant, don’t you think?

Saying thank you the Danish way

These thank you cards are really simple to make. All you need is some card paper, some decorative tape, a pen and you’re set. 


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