Monicas of the world, rejoice

Gift for cleanliness fanatics

Via Fred Flare

My days are filled with completing to-do lists involving organizing and packing; my nights are taken over by dreams about cleaning. No, I’m not Monica Gellar from the sitcom Friends. Moving apartments did this to me.

For me cleaning is a mundane activity, just one more in the list of boring things that are done because I have to, not because I want to. I’d be glad to handover the task to someone else… someone who is a cleaning fanatic, equipped with all sorts of cleaning tools and gadgets.

Since there is always a parallel gifting narrative running in my mind, I started thinking about gifts for clean buffs. What would you gift someone like Monica? Enter Roboclean (how could I not name him, he’s got personality!).  This little fella is a mini Robo Vacuum who will gleefully suck up the mess from your desk or table.  He is like your desktop maid; your personal mini valet, ready to do your bidding at the push of a button. Not a bad buy for under $20 ha?

Do you have any friends or family who are obsessed and excited about cleaning?  Wouldn’t they love a gift like this? This one’s definitely going on my list of gifts for cleaning fanatics. Monica would certainly approve.

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