Housewarming gift: A happy home

Isn’t it apt when a housewarming gift has a little bit of a home in it?

A home decor book can make for a wonderful housewarming gift

I chanced upon on a gorgeously vibrant book on interiors, called Happy Home: Everyday Magic for a Colourful Life by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau, at the main Copenhagen library (Hovedbiblioteket). As I was going through it, I thought of what a perfect housewarming gift this book would make. 3

Even though we visualize a million times how we want our homes to look, getting it right isn’t always easy when you’re starting from scratch. There’s an element of trial and error involved and it’s always nice to have help in turning your house into a home. I wish I had a ready reference like this when I was doing up my home the first time!

A book on home decor is a wonderful house warming gift idea

While you can always look up most things on Pinterest these days, I’m still partial to the good old book. The feel of a hardbound book, bursting at the seams in a riot of colours is like no other, don’t you think?

Creative house warming gift ideas

Happy Homes is filled with pages upon pages of beautiful photographs of colourful homes — homes that look like they’ve been lived in, like they have evolved over the years, with each room personifying a different trait. Though I got the Danish version, even with my limited Danish skills, I was able to enjoy the book as the photographs spoke like words sometimes can’t.

A book on home decor is a wonderful house warming gift idea

But more importantly, what I love about this book is that Charlotte talks about including a heady mix of whimsy, humour, adventure and personality in our homes and that’s what makes it a perfect housewarming gift for our friends and family starting afresh.

A book on home decor is a wonderful house warming gift idea

Do you have a favourite home decor book that would make for a lovely housewarming gift?

P.S: Looking for some more housewarming gift ideas? Take a look at this.


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