Back-to-school teacher’s gift

Teacher gift ideas

Summer holidays are over and school days are around the corner. Just the right time for a back-to-school teacher’s gift I’d say . Today, I have Sarah from Father’s Workshop sharing a unique gift idea for teachers. Sarah has a penchant for using natural, organic material. I love the simplicity and elegance of her gifts and the one she is sharing today is no exception. 


Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m a newbie to the blogging world, so I was honored and excited when Sarita asked me to do a guest post on I Love Gifting. It’s so exciting to meet new people with the same interests even though they are worlds away. I’m sharing a ‘first day of school teacher’s gift idea‘. Hope you guys enjoy this!

Green gifts or teacher gifts

It’s almost that time of the year — back to school. My son will be returning for his last year of preschool. It seems like just yesterday that I was rocking him to sleep. Now I can barely hold him for more than a few minutes before he wiggles out of my arms to  play with his Lego. I’m glad that he absolutely loves school. He already is looking forward to going to kindergarten with the “big kids”. I’m so not ready for that. More the reason to cherish this last year of preschool.

I like to give a little token of thanks to the teachers on the first day of school. Now, some may call that sucking up :), but I think it’s a nice gesture to start off the year. After all, they’re one of the first few in my child’s life to instill the love of learning and the importance of appropriate social behavior. They’re like second moms and dads.

Green gifts or teacher gifts

I like practical and thoughtful gifts. This year, I decided to make individual terrariums in mason jars with labels that double up as bookmarks. I know terrariums have been making a comeback for a while but this was my first time making one. I got a short tutorial from here.

It was fun and took very little time to make. I’m looking forward to making a bigger one for my home. It’s a fun project to get the kids into as well; unless you have a kid like mine who doesn’t like to get his hands dirty ( I know, strange). But he had fun watching me make it and getting my hands dirty. I made very simple labels/bookmarks which I printed on card stock paper, and you can find here. I decided to spray paint the lid black but, you can have fun with any color or leave it as is.

Teacher gift bookmarks

Hope you enjoyed this back-to-school teacher’s gift!


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