Independence Day special: Indian gift wrapping

Indian gift wrapping ideas

Living in a country away from my own has meant that I’m hit by a wave of nostalgia and longing triggered by the smallest of things. Sometimes it’s triggered by the obvious – like seeing old pictures of family and friends back home. Sometimes it’s watching a fun Bollywood movie with its song and dance routine. On some occasions, it could be something I read or heard. Today, it happened thanks to it being India’s Independence Day.

I find that the best way to tackle nostalgia is to get active doing something with what caused it. So for today’s post, I’ve drummed up some Indian gift wrapping ideas and Indian gifts for you.

Indian gift wrapping ideas

I made these with a set of my Indian block prints and some acrylic colour paints. Using contrasting colours for the paint and the paper can give you a vibrant Indian pattern.

I combined a blue peacock print with a simple cream paper.

Indian gift wrapping ideas

For this vibrant pink paper, I made a band of marching elephants.

Indian gift wrapping ideas

I also found these Indian gift wrapping ideas on the web.

This one looks so fresh and colourful. I’m not sure I’d want to open this gift; I would be happy just looking at it.

Indian gift wrapping ideas


Adding a bit of bling and shine to standard brown paper wrapping.

Indian gift wrapping ideas


Indian gifts

Looking for some Indian gift ideas? Here’s a post I did earlier on gifts that have the distinct Indian touch. Here, you’ll find fun, unique Indian gifts in bright, vivacious colours.

Happy Independence Day to all Indians!


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