The New York Times’ unique gift project

Unique wedding gift ideas

Did you ever think your wedding gifts could make it to The New York Times? Well, here’s your opportunity. The publication is asking readers to send in Instagrams of unique wedding gifts.  They are looking for unique gifts that tell a story. It could be handmade gifts that have a sentimental value, a family heirloom that was passed on to you or even something out of the ordinary you purchased using the money you got as a wedding gift.

Isn’t this is a fun idea? I’d love to send in some Instagrams of my own, but most of our gifts are back home in India. The only things I have here is a set of azure blue coffee mugs, an apron and a kitchen glove!

At our wedding, we received gifts in all shapes and sizes. There was, among others, the ever practical and useful money envelope, a pressure cooker that is an integral part of any Indian kitchen (mine included), a set of gorgeous bed sheets and monogrammed towels and few vases that we never used. In India, gifts of gold are customary and some of my golden gifts included a beautiful bangle, a pair of earrings and a pendant with my initial. Thankfully, we didn’t receive multiple sets of tea cups or clocks. These items seem to have lost their place of pride among common wedding gifts.

Did you get any unique gifts at your wedding? Do you still have them? If yes, they could be a part of The New York Times’ unique gift project. For more details, go here. But hurry, you need to send in your images by Thursday, August 22.


2 thoughts on “The New York Times’ unique gift project

    • Hi Leslie. This is an area that concerns me too. This is what I normally do. I sign in, give the app access, do what I have to do – in this case, submit the Instragram of my unique gift.

      After I’ve done that, I go to my settings section and revoke the access to this particular app. This works for both Instagram and other social media like Twitter.

      Hope this helps.

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