Spa gifts for valentines day

Spa gifts for valentines day

I guess you’re probably wondering why I’m thinking of spa gifts for valentines day given that it’s just September. What triggered this idea of spa gifts for valentines day is a couple of surprise gifts I received recently.

A friend of mine got me, as a belated birthday gift, a few things from her recent trip home to France . I was thrilled to find a mini spa & beauty set made up of beautiful Parisian pocket mirror, a bar of honey soap and a citron&clementine  hand cream from L’Occitane.  And a couple of months ago, my husband gifted me a voucher for a spa for my birthday. I had been cribbing about how listless and dull my skin had been lately, so I was more than happy to receive this pampering treat.

Spa gifts for Valentines Dayspa gifts for valentines dayspa gifts for valentines day

A gift voucher for your partner is a lovely spa gift for valentines day or for that matter your wedding anniversary. Do a little bit of research on good spas in your location; ask your friends for spas they’ve been to and would recommend. Gift vouchers for spas can be pricey so it’s a good idea to ensure it is money well spent.

Alternatively, you can make your own spa gift set. For women, you can make a pampering spa gift set made up of  a shower gel, a soap bar, a hand cream, a foot scrub and a loofah.  If you’re making a valentines day spa gift for a man, you can include a shaving cream, an aftershave balm, a soap bar and a shower gel. Since the main idea of a spa gift is pampering, choose brands that specialise in offering products that transform everyday rituals into fun, luxury experiences.

It’s never too early to start planning a surprise and a spa gift for valentines day or your wedding anniversary could be a good way to start.


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