Housewarming Gifts: Salt & Pepper Shakers

Housewarming gifts - salt & pepper shakers

When it comes to housewarming gifts, I think one-of-a-kind salt & pepper shakers are just perfect. They’re small; you know they won’t take up too much space. They’re useful and practical. And they can be gorgeous centre pieces for a dining table or kitchen platform.

I love this Yin &Yang Shaker by Yanko Design. It feels like there is a warm hug or embrace along with the housewarming gift.

Housewarming gifts - Salt & pepper shakers


This Bird Salt & Pepper Shaker duo by Keladeco can bring a pop of colour to any home.

Housewarming gifts - Salt & Pepper Shakers


Inspired by drinking straws, this Straw Salt & Pepper Shaker set by DesignK looks like it’s walked out from an animation movie.

Housewarming gifts - Straw Salt and pepper shakers


We all could do with a lit bit of seasoning to spice up our homes. With these salt & pepper shakers as housewarming gifts, you’ll be helping someone do just that. 



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