Kids gifts: Halloween Costumes

Fastelavn costume ideas

If you’re looking for some interesting gift ideas for kids, here’s something fun to try out. Have you ever thought about gifting a Halloween Costume?  It’s autumn and Halloween is just a month away; the perfect time to gift a Halloween Costume I’d say.

While several countries don’t celebrate Halloween, they do have fancy dress events and contests, making it a fun gift idea for kids everywhere. This is bound to be hit with the kids and much appreciated by their parents. No more last-minute hassles to find costumes for the next Halloween, Fancy Dress competition or Fastelavn (Nordic Halloween). Costumes can also be reused by different kids in the family. Here are a few costume ideas I like.

Halloween or Fancy Dress Costumes for girls

When it comes to little girls, you can’t really go wrong with a princess costume or fairy costume.

a fairy costume gift

And it doesn’t always have to be the standard pink one.

A princess-costume that isn't pink!

As a variation of the fairy costume, I love this butterfly costume.

Gift a butterfly costume

If you are looking for something that’s not so common, try this! Cotton candy…yummy!

cotton candy costume for halloweenn

Halloween or Fancy Dress Costumes for little boys

Like girls, there are 2-3 costumes for little boys that are fail proof. Go with any of the ‘mans’ – Spiderman, Superman or Batman. My favourite is this super strong Superman.

Gift a Superman costume

Or, how about Legoman for a change?

Lego man costume

Unisex Halloween or Fancy Dress Costumes for babies

I also love these costumes that are great gifts for both girls and boys. Perfect for babies.

adorable Spring chicken costume

adorable Tiger cub costume

P.S: This is a variation of my earlier post A Costume = Fail Safe Kids Gift. Some of the images are from my Fancy Dress Costumes Pinterest board where you can find the original source – some of which have DIY instructions.



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