Diwali gifts: Traditional ideas with a contemporary twist

Diwali gifts

With Diwali in a couple of weeks in India, can Diwali gifts be far behind? Commonly referred to as the festival of lights, I also associate this Hindu festival with a burst of colour and finery. While its customary to give traditional Indian gifts like diyas (lamps), puja thalis (prayer trays) and idols of gods, I’m always excited to find things that are different from the norm while being great Diwali gifts for friends and family.

Here’s my pick of creative Diwali gifts that are bound to add a dash of gaiety to the festive celebrations. Since Diwali is also an auspicious time when many families move into new homes, these can double up as housewarming gifts.

Diwali Gifts

The first three beauties from Varnam are sure to brighten up any home.

Creative Diwali gifts

Love these multi-coloured lamps. The combination of the channapatna lac with the traditional textile creates a beautiful  riot of colours.

Creative Diwali gifts

These kuruvi (bird) knick-knack holders  sure are chirpy.

Creative Diwali gift ideas

A contemporary twist to the traditional barni (jar) results in a lovely tea light holder.

Diwali gifts

This stone-studded decorative plate and  beautiful tea set from Giveter  complete my Diwali gift list. Chai anyone?

Diwali gifts


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