Eco friendly gift: A fragrant set of organic soap bars

Eco friendly gifts

Do you wonder what exactly an eco-friendly gift is? There are several products masquerading as ‘green and eco-friendly’. Few are so in the true sense. If you want to give a gift that’s truly eco-friendly, ask yourself these questions: Is it recyclable? Has it been made from sustainable material? Is it biodegradable? Is it natural/chemical-free? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you have an authentic green gift.

DIY green gift ideas

And contrary to popular belief, going green doesn’t always mean spending more. A really simple and doable green gift idea is an organic soap bar kit. Organic soap bars are made using natural ingredients like flowers, fruits, herbs, honey, milk and essential oils. Chemicals are a no-no. Round up a few bars of organic soaps – each made with a different ingredient and carrying a unique fragrance, tie them up with a gift ribbon and your green gift set is ready.

Green and eco friendly gifts

Find a local store that sells organic soaps. You can also buy some of the gorgeous handmade soaps above from Mirasolfarm and Enchanted Beehive on Etsy. Or you can even make your own natural soap using the DIY soap tutorial for two of the soaps above here and here.






5 thoughts on “Eco friendly gift: A fragrant set of organic soap bars

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  3. Totally agree – especially the recyclable part. We’ve been collecting our used jam jars and will be using them to fill with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows to give as teachers’ gifts for Xmas (so they can make hot chocolate). Lovely post 🙂

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