Candle gift wrap for kids

Candle gift wrap idea

I almost never have any standard ready gift wrapping paper at my home as I like to experiment with different gift wrapping styles. I mainly use simple white or brown paper as the base to wrap the gift. I then add-on different elements using whatever material I have on hand to create something unique.

I recently created a candle gift wrap for a five-year old’s birthday present. The idea is simple and easy to do. I first covered the gift in plain white paper. I glued a rectangular piece of blue crepe paper on top of the front of the gift. I then cut out shiny, pink rectangular strips from an old magazine (the advertisements in most magazines have a variety of colours you can cut out and use) and interspersed them with strips of a black and white decorative tape.  For the candles flames in the gift wrap, I cut out yellow and orange pieces of paper from an old magazine (you’d be surprised at the different ways you can use the glossy colourful paper from old magazines).

To finish it, I added a brown gift tag, tied up in twine. And voila, the candle gift wrap was ready. It works really well for small kids.

DIY Candle gift wrap idea


3 ways to wrap Christmas gifts

While many of you are probably busy shopping Christmas gifts for your family and friends, I’ve been rounding up some Christmas gift wrap inspiration for you. Here are three simple but absolutely gorgeous ways to gift wrap your Christmas presents this year. 

Gold Gift Wrap

Gift wrapping ideas

Twig Christmas Tree Gift Wrap

Gift wrapping ideas

Black &White Star Gift Wrap

Gift Wrapping ideas

Want more gift wrapping ideas? Follow my ‘Wrap It Up’ Pinterest page.

Polka dot gift wrapping

Simple polka dot gift wrap

After the bunting gift wrap, I did last week, I tried another simple gift wrapping idea – a polka dot gift wrap. This one works especially well for thin, flat gifts. All you need is white paper, acrylic colours of your choice and a cotton bud for this dotted gift wrap.

First, wrap your gift in plain white paper. Dip a clean cotton bud in a colour of your choice and start making dots on the paper. I used two bright colours – yellow and red — for my gift wrap.

Creative gift wrapping ideas

A bright coloured satin ribbon adds the final flourish to this simple yet colourful gift wrap.

Creative gift wrapping ideasThat’s it, you’re done. The polka dot gift wrap is ready.

Bunting Gift Wrap

Bunting gift wrap

It’s my daughter’s birthday this week and I’ve been experimenting with some gift wrapping ideas. Here’s a DIY gift wrapping idea that’s super simple. All you need is white paper, sketch pens, scissors and some glue.

First cut out small triangles of white paper and colour them using sketch pens. Alternatively you can cut out triangles from card paper in different colours. You can also use decorative tape or Washi tape to include prints and patterns along with the solid colours.

Bunting gift wrapping

Wrap your gift in plain white paper. Draw a slighted curved line on the front and stick the triangles on them to form a party bunting. Add in your personal message and your Bunting Gift Wrap is ready.

Bunting gift wrap