Eco friendly gift: A fragrant set of organic soap bars

Eco friendly gifts

Do you wonder what exactly an eco-friendly gift is? There are several products masquerading as ‘green and eco-friendly’. Few are so in the true sense. If you want to give a gift that’s truly eco-friendly, ask yourself these questions: Is it recyclable? Has it been made from sustainable material? Is it biodegradable? Is it natural/chemical-free? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you have an authentic green gift.

DIY green gift ideas

And contrary to popular belief, going green doesn’t always mean spending more. A really simple and doable green gift idea is an organic soap bar kit. Organic soap bars are made using natural ingredients like flowers, fruits, herbs, honey, milk and essential oils. Chemicals are a no-no. Round up a few bars of organic soaps – each made with a different ingredient and carrying a unique fragrance, tie them up with a gift ribbon and your green gift set is ready.

Green and eco friendly gifts

Find a local store that sells organic soaps. You can also buy some of the gorgeous handmade soaps above from Mirasolfarm and Enchanted Beehive on Etsy. Or you can even make your own natural soap using the DIY soap tutorial for two of the soaps above here and here.






3 ways to wrap Christmas gifts

While many of you are probably busy shopping Christmas gifts for your family and friends, I’ve been rounding up some Christmas gift wrap inspiration for you. Here are three simple but absolutely gorgeous ways to gift wrap your Christmas presents this year. 

Gold Gift Wrap

Gift wrapping ideas

Twig Christmas Tree Gift Wrap

Gift wrapping ideas

Black &White Star Gift Wrap

Gift Wrapping ideas

Want more gift wrapping ideas? Follow my ‘Wrap It Up’ Pinterest page.

Christmas gifts for him: Funky custom wallets

Christmas gifts for men

Have you started thinking about Christmas gifts yet? As with other occasions, gifting for men during Christmas certainly calls for more creativity and thought. That’s where this range of fun, custom wallets comes in. You’re probably thinking you don’t want to give yet another wallet, but I can bet these wallets by Dynomighty can change your mind. 

Gifts for him Feel good wallet by Dynomighty

Gifts for him - Feel good wallet by Dynomighty

Dynomighty, by New York based artist Terrence Kelleman, has introduced the Mighty Wallet in a range of unique, fun designs.

Gifts for him - Custom wallet by Dynomighty

Loaded with personality, choose one that suits the men in your life best or create something on your own.

Gifts for him - Superman custom wallets by Dynomighty

Designed to be thin, durable and ecofriendly, the Mighty Wallet is a big change from the regular bulky brown and black wallets.

Gifts for him - Thin durable wallets by Dynomighty

Gifts for him - Thin durable travel wallet by Dynomighty

What’s more you can custom design your own to reflect your personality and life using your favourite images or making a doodle of your own.   

Gifts for him - Cats mighty wallet 1

Christmas gifts for him

SAYING THANKS: Free Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving table settings

With Thanksgiving coming soon, Pinterest is filled with images of beautiful table settings and some sumptuous thanksgiving recipes. While I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving myself, I do like the concept of giving thanks for a good harvest and the year that went by with family and friends. So I’ve rounded up some free Thanksgiving printables for those of you that do celebrate this festival.

Keep Calm and Gobble On Card by Fancy Designs

Thanksgiving ideas

‘I am Thankful For‘ card by Uncommon Designs. This Thanksgiving table card is perfect for kids, don’t you think?

Free Thanksgiving printables

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings cum Thankful Paper Chains by Silverbox Creative

Creative Thanksgiving table settings

Funny Thanksgiving Napkin Card by Finding Home. Because a little humour while saying thanks can be fun.

Free Thanksgiving printables

And to round off a happy meal, here’s an adorable Thanksgiving Leftovers Label by Laura Bray Designs for your takeout boxes and mason jars.

Free Thanksgiving printables

Also if you feel up to doing some simple decor, try this DIY mini cone decor idea by Oh Happy Day. It’s sure to brighten up any space and you can keep them on till Christmas.

Free Thanksgiving printables

Happy Thanksgiving!

Children’s gifts: The magic of books

Children's gifts

I have a ritual I follow for my daughter’s birthday every year. Among the birthday gifts I give her, there are always some books. Books rarely figure at the top when it comes to children’s gift ideas, but what makes them a great gift idea is their longevity. They remain fresh for years and the magic they weave lasts a lifetime. I think books are magical and one can never have too many books, can you?

Children's gift ideas

While searching for some books for my four-year old, I chanced upon on this beautiful book called STARS by Mary Lyn Ray and Marla Frazee.  The author Mary has used stars as a metaphor to talk about a child’s life. The illustrations by Marla are beautiful and have a serene quality about them.

Gift ideas for kids

“Pin a star on your shirt and you can be sheriff

Put a star on a stick and you’ve made a wand.”

Kids gift ideas

 The next time you’re thinking about gifts for children, look around for some good books. After all, there’s rarely a child who wouldn’t appreciate a lit bit of magic and fantasy.

Diwali gifts: Traditional ideas with a contemporary twist

Diwali gifts

With Diwali in a couple of weeks in India, can Diwali gifts be far behind? Commonly referred to as the festival of lights, I also associate this Hindu festival with a burst of colour and finery. While its customary to give traditional Indian gifts like diyas (lamps), puja thalis (prayer trays) and idols of gods, I’m always excited to find things that are different from the norm while being great Diwali gifts for friends and family.

Here’s my pick of creative Diwali gifts that are bound to add a dash of gaiety to the festive celebrations. Since Diwali is also an auspicious time when many families move into new homes, these can double up as housewarming gifts.

Diwali Gifts

The first three beauties from Varnam are sure to brighten up any home.

Creative Diwali gifts

Love these multi-coloured lamps. The combination of the channapatna lac with the traditional textile creates a beautiful  riot of colours.

Creative Diwali gifts

These kuruvi (bird) knick-knack holders  sure are chirpy.

Creative Diwali gift ideas

A contemporary twist to the traditional barni (jar) results in a lovely tea light holder.

Diwali gifts

This stone-studded decorative plate and  beautiful tea set from Giveter  complete my Diwali gift list. Chai anyone?

Diwali gifts

Polka dot gift wrapping

Simple polka dot gift wrap

After the bunting gift wrap, I did last week, I tried another simple gift wrapping idea – a polka dot gift wrap. This one works especially well for thin, flat gifts. All you need is white paper, acrylic colours of your choice and a cotton bud for this dotted gift wrap.

First, wrap your gift in plain white paper. Dip a clean cotton bud in a colour of your choice and start making dots on the paper. I used two bright colours – yellow and red — for my gift wrap.

Creative gift wrapping ideas

A bright coloured satin ribbon adds the final flourish to this simple yet colourful gift wrap.

Creative gift wrapping ideasThat’s it, you’re done. The polka dot gift wrap is ready.