Christmas gifts for teens

Teens tend to be pretty vocal about what kind of Christmas gifts they want, don’t they? They have strong likes and dislikes at this stage and almost everything is judged by how cool or groovy it is. The flip side about gifting for teens is that they also change their minds with alarming frequency and you may be left wondering what gift to get them.

Here’s my pick of Christmas gift ideas for teens. These would be apt for both teenage girls and boys.

Hunger Games Trilogy: Is your teen a voracious reader? Or perhaps you want your teen to spend less time on the computer and more time reading? The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is a popular read among teens thanks to its teen protagonist and exciting plot with an element of reality television.

Personalised phone cases: While a new smart phone may be an expensive buy you’d rather avoid, there’s a whole range of mobile phone accessories you can gift your teen this Christmas. Funky and individualistic phone covers and cases are the flavour of the season. I love this personalised wood phone where you can add images of your own.

Christmas gifts for teens

Headphones: Teens and music are inseparable. Gift a set of trendy headphones and you’ve got yourself a happy teen. There’s a wide variety of head phones in the market, so you can always pick and choose based on your budget.

Lego VW Camper Van: What I love about Lego is that you can enjoy it at any age; you’re never too old for Lego. Lego has developed this VW Camper Van specially for teens who are 16 and above.  This VW Camper Van from Lego comes complete with wonderful interiors.

Christmas gift ideas for teens

Gift ideas for teens

Christmas gifts for teens

Images used by permission,© 2012 The LEGO Group

What do you think? I’d love to hear  if you have any favourites for the teens on your Christmas list this year.

3 ways to wrap Christmas gifts

While many of you are probably busy shopping Christmas gifts for your family and friends, I’ve been rounding up some Christmas gift wrap inspiration for you. Here are three simple but absolutely gorgeous ways to gift wrap your Christmas presents this year. 

Gold Gift Wrap

Gift wrapping ideas

Twig Christmas Tree Gift Wrap

Gift wrapping ideas

Black &White Star Gift Wrap

Gift Wrapping ideas

Want more gift wrapping ideas? Follow my ‘Wrap It Up’ Pinterest page.

A dåse of love

Christmas themed tin, a angel container and tree papaer clip

This Christmas is special. Not just because it is my first in Denmark. More so because I will be sharing it one of my best friends who is flying down from the United States to spend Christmas with me and my family. She is on the plane this very minute and my gift to her involves a dose of love among other things!

Good friends since childhood, living in different countries and continents hasn’t dimmed our friendship one bit. My friend has been going through a hard time and I wanted to give her a gift I hope will help her and convey that I’m always there for her. A variation of my Jar of Self Esteem, I call this one a Dåse of Love. Yes, you read that right, no spelling error here. A tin is called a dåse (pronounced dose) in Danish. A dåse of love…pun intended.

I found the perfect tin for this — covered as it is with images of Santa and his sack of gifts, cherubic children and Christmas trees. I filled this tin with my dose of love – paper scrolls filled with happy, funny and serious thoughts.

a Christmas themed cookie tin

A tin filled with paper scrolls

My favourites among them are:

gifting a happy thought

gifting happy thoughts

A dåse of love, a guardian angel and a Christmas memory

IMG_4446 (479x640) Gifts with the Christmas spirit

In keeping with the Christmas theme, giving the Dåse of Love company are a cute little guardian angel and a shiny Christmas tree. The angel doubles up as a tiny container to store earrings while the Christmas tree doubles up as a paper clip. I hope she likes them.

I’m looking forward to spend the next few days with her catching up and reminiscing about the good times we shared in India, in the process creating a new memory in the chapter of our lives.

Merry Christmas or Glædelig Jul!

When your Christmas gift is no ordinary t-shirt

A surprise gift: A holiday itinerary on a t-shirt

Grandma’s surprise Christmas gift

Sometimes, inspiration comes to you from the most unlikely sources. I got hit by a wonderful idea for a surprise gift when I was least expecting it.

A few days ago I was watching an old episode of ‘America’s funniest home videos’. One of the videos captured a Christmas morning scene in which a family was opening their Christmas presents. The camera panned to an elderly lady, presumably the grandmother, opening her gift which happened to be a t-shirt. It couldn’t have been very exciting to get an ordinary t-shirt for Christmas but she tried not to look disappointed. She had on her face a smile that was both polite and graceful.

Surprise, it’s a holiday!

A few seconds of staring at the t-shirt quickly transformed that polite smile into happy, joyful laughter as she read what was written on the t-shirt. There was more to the gift than the obvious . On the t-shirt was a complete itinerary of a trip to Paris! What a wonderful gift and what a fun way to present it. The delight on the grandmother’s face said it all, it was a dream come true for her.

Everything about this gift appeals to me — the cloak of ordinariness disguising the true nature of the gift, the surprise element, a wish fulfilled. The best part is the way it made the lady feel….cherished, wanted, loved.  It is what we aim for through our gifts for the special people in our lives. That’s why this one rates high on my list of great gifts.

Do you have any stories to share? What’s the best surprise gift you’ve ever got?

Charm your way through Christmas gifting

Pandora's christmas collection

This post is brought to you by Pandora, the maker of hand-finished and modern jewellery.

Christmas gifting with Christmassy charm bracelets

Have you started thinking about Christmas gifts yet? Do you have visions of Christmas gifts gaily gift wrapped and stacked neatly under a tree? While Christmas gift shopping is a lot of fun, it can also be taxing if you have a lot of gifts to buy but not nearly enough ideas on what to buy. And there is always the danger that you may end up buying something the recipient already has!

You can eliminate that risk to a certain extent when you choose to gift jewellery. The good thing about gifting jewellery is that it can appeal to an age group ranging from five to seventy five. The trick, of course, is to choose the right kind.

Pandora’s Christmas collection of charms

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could include all the elements of Christmas in a piece of jewellery? That would make for a truly Christmassy Christmas gift! Pandora’s new Christmas collection of charms can help you do just that. This collection has fun and adorable charms in sterling silver and fourteen-carat gold.

stocking, christmas tree, santa in a sleigh and other cute charms from Pandora

Know someone who is down, feeling the blues and could do with some Christmas cheer?  Help such a person celebrate the festive period with a charm bracelet that has a little Christmas tree and a gift charm. It is the season to be jolly after all. Maybe you know a little girl who would fancy one with a Santa, a sleigh and a Christmas stocking filled with gifts? Or perhaps you have a girl friend who would enjoy the company of a gnome, and an angel? Of course, with winter on its way, nothing could be more appropriate than a snowman.

Whatever your preference, there is a lot to choose from. Not to mention the fun you will have putting together different charm bracelets that can be personalised and customised depending on the recipient. The best part about Pandora bracelets is that no two bracelets are alike. You can mix and match by choosing from any of the individual charms and bracelet bands to create one that is unique.

While Pandora has stores all over the world, to make your shopping experience easier, Pandora has introduced an online store called the Pandora eSTORE*. Designing your charm bracelets is a click away. All jewellery ordered through the eSTORE will be delivered in a complimentary Pandora gift bag, finished with a signature pink organza ribbon.

*The eSTORE currently ships only to the UK.