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It’s been over a month since I last posted here. In fact, this may well be the last month I post here. When I first started blogging about gifting, it was a hobby. Over the past two years, it has evolved from being a hobby to being a passion, a profession. During that time, I went through a rather learning curve.  I didn’t know much about good blog design, keywords, SEO or even how to take good, high quality photographs . I just wrote. Some months ago, I finally felt ready to take this blog to the next level. To make it bigger, better. So I’ve been working hard on developing a new design, new content and even a new home for my blog.

And that’s how The Orange Gift Bag was born.
The Orange Gift Bag  is about gifts chosen with care, infused with thought, and wrapped in warmth and affection. The new blog will cover the entire gamut of gifting – gift ideas, gift guides, gifting tips and etiquette, DIY gifts, gifting stories from around the world and gift wrapping inspiration.

I’ve been thankful to have many loyal readers who have supported me, encouraged me and gave me the motivation to continue blogging about my passion…gifting. And I hope you will join me in my journey with The Orange Gift Bag. Hop over and visit, explore the blog and subscribe too. I promise you, it will be worth it.


Help! I don’t know what to gift!

Prologue: Hello. It’s been a long time since my last post, but I’m back and raring to go! This post is dedicated to the one person who has been eagerly awaiting a new post on my blog. Here’s to you Jos, thanks for the encouragement and support!
Ever being in a situation where you have to buy a gift for someone and have no clue what to buy and very little time to do it? Most of us have experienced this at some or the other. And it gets worse when you hurriedly buy a gift for the sake of it and the recipient hates the gift.

Get creative with these staple-free taplers

Being a person who’s always looking for something creative to gift, I’m constantly in search of new ideas and things to gift. During this search, I’ve come across some amazing sites that can help you choose the perfect gift.

The best part of the online world is that there are so many good ideas floating around. It’s a boon for both groups of people: those who want to get creative with their gifts and for those who have no clue what to gift their loved ones. There’s something out there for everyone, every occasion.

Here are my current top 3 gifting sites:

http://Thehandmadegiftguide.com: Bored of the mass-manufactured stuff? If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind gifts, visit the handmade gift guide site. As the name suggests, it’s a guide on all things handmade.

www.tapeswell.com: Have a perfect gift but not the perfect gift wrapping? Worry not, Tapeswell will come to your rescue. This site has given tape a new identity. From classic black&white designs to cute, colourful birdie designs, Tapeswell can help you transform even simple gift wrapping paper into something beautiful. You can even gift these decorative tapes! I ordered two and got them delivered to India real quick!  They also have decorative envelope labels.

http://www.terminal7.net/:  As the tagline says, the site is all about ‘gifts that rule/gifts that don’t suck’. The gifts range from sheep stools and gecko lamps to cat&dog staple free staplers and sea-side toe-rings. It doesn’t get more creative than this. 



Cute Gecko lamp


Dear readers: Know of more interesting gift sites? Feel free to share them by posting your comments. The more the merrier.