We are moving to The Orange Gift Bag

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It’s been over a month since I last posted here. In fact, this may well be the last month I post here. When I first started blogging about gifting, it was a hobby. Over the past two years, it has evolved from being a hobby to being a passion, a profession. During that time, I went through a rather learning curve.  I didn’t know much about good blog design, keywords, SEO or even how to take good, high quality photographs . I just wrote. Some months ago, I finally felt ready to take this blog to the next level. To make it bigger, better. So I’ve been working hard on developing a new design, new content and even a new home for my blog.

And that’s how The Orange Gift Bag was born.
The Orange Gift Bag  is about gifts chosen with care, infused with thought, and wrapped in warmth and affection. The new blog will cover the entire gamut of gifting – gift ideas, gift guides, gifting tips and etiquette, DIY gifts, gifting stories from around the world and gift wrapping inspiration.

I’ve been thankful to have many loyal readers who have supported me, encouraged me and gave me the motivation to continue blogging about my passion…gifting. And I hope you will join me in my journey with The Orange Gift Bag. Hop over and visit, explore the blog and subscribe too. I promise you, it will be worth it.


Twisted necklaces: a lovely handmade gift

twisted wool necklaces

I got to craft a lovely handmade necklace at yesterday’s Craftenhagen* event.  At my first event, I’d made some cute handmade cards (read about it here), so I was excited to see what we were going to attempt next. 

This time, the talented Marine Daloze of Copenhague DayToDay showed us how to make a simple but lovely necklace from wool. All it involved was lots of twisting and turning, a pin here and a knot there. Easy ha? Well, not at first. But definitely doable with a bit of practice.

This would be really nice gift for my girl friends. The best part is using the same technique, I can make bracelets too.

Check out more of Marine’s handmade jewellery at her Etsy shop, Psoesaie.

* Craftenhagen is a monthly get together of crafters in Copenhagen with each month featuring a different crafter sharing a new skill with the group. 

DIY: 5 handmade gift ideas

DIY Handmade gifts

When I hear the words Handmade and Personalised, I think of the time, effort, thought and skill that a person has put in to make a gift that’s unique and personal. A while ago, through my Make It Personal series, I had blogged about creating fun, personalised and unique gifts.

Handmade gifts

Though I’ve concluded the series on my blog, it’s been nice to see some interesting handmade gift ideas on other blogs. So, here’s a roundup of some exciting posts on handmade gifts.

DIY 1: Custom Instagram iPad cover

A handmade iPad cover

Asley Hackshaw of Lil Blue Boo  makes this fun Instagram iPad cover. Choose pictures of your favourite fun and happy moments and make a custom iPad cover. It doesn’t even have to be pictures, it could be anything you like. View the tutorial here.

DIY 2: Light of my life

handmade valentine light bulbb

Kate of Kate Pruitt does an amazing job with this valentine light bulb. It’s aptly called ‘light of my life’. This one is my favourite. Check it out here.

DIY 3: Handmade hip diaper bag

handmade diaper bag for mums

Elizabeth Klett of A Mingled Yarn shows how to make a hip diaper bag for new mothers. I prefer this to the standard and staid ones available at most stores. Get more details here.

DIY 4: Clay jewellery dish

handmade clay dish

Lisa Storms at Fiskars has fun with colourful clay dishes that can store jewellery, keys and other odds and ends. Get the details here.

DIY 5: Vintage dog feeder

handmade dog feeder

Julia Custer Norris of Handmade Green created this cute vintage elevated dog feeder. This one is a perfect gift for people with dogs or cats as pets. You can catch the tutorial  at Design Sponge here.